Monday, 12 October 2009

Complete Obsession

'Making A Splash' this layout is based on an old photo of my Grandma and is a good example of the other side to my scrapbooking personality, I either do very modern or very vintage, and this is an example of one of my vintage layouts.

Ok I think my scrapbooking obsession has reached a new level, either that or you will think I'm a total genius, I guess it depends on how obsessed you are.
My phone, which due to it being 8 megapixels to my actual camera's 7.2, has become my new camera, however I hated all the backgrounds on the phone. One day I had my scrapbooking supplies out on the desk and it suddenly occured to me that with my new camera phone I could actually take a photo of my favourite piece of paper and set this as my 'wallpaper.' The first one I tried was from BasicGrey's Lime Rickey collection, although I have to say that currently my wallpaper is my leopard print bedspread. I think tomorrow I will change it to 'Rose Mcgrain' from American Crafts Craft Fair collection.

Am also very excited to discover Gauche Alchemy's mixed media kits (check out their shop), which is basically what some people would probably call junk, but the photos of the kits fill me with excitement, and their blog is very inspiring too, check them out at:

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