Thursday, 5 November 2009

Blogging For Scrapbookers Prompt 4

'Watch Knowledge'
So for today's prompt Shimelle wanted ordinary and everyday, well like most people I work pretty much everyday and to me my job is ordinary but I have learnt some things that certainly would be useful to other people. I've worked as a Watch Technician for about 5 years now and there are certain things that I end up telling my customers pretty much daily because most people just wouldn't have been told this stuff. So I made the layout above to document some of this info and the journaling reads as follows:

"1: Useful Terms:
- Cell = a watch battery.
- Crown = sometimes called the 'winder,' this is used to set the time.
- An Overhaul = where the mechanism is taken apart, ultra-sonically cleaned, worn or damaged parts replaced, re-oiled and re-assembled as good as new.

2: Buying Watches:
- Swiss is always best.
- If you're looking for a good quality watch, always go for an Automatic movement as they keep their resale value a lot better than a quartz (battery operated) watches.
- No one really wants to buy a second-hand quartz watch.

3: Water-resistancy:
- Your watch must say at least 50m/5atm on the back if you want to shower and swim in it.
- The glass/case and crown (winder) must be in good condition.
- [If you want to use your watch in water then] EVERY time the battery is changed, the gaskets must be re-sealed, then the watch must be pressure tested [this will show whether the watch is safe to continue to be used in water].

4: Maintaining A Watch:
- All watches are mechanical objects, even those with a battery in.
- ALL watches need work on the mechanism (an overhaul) about every 5 years [2 in an old watch]. The oil that lubricates the wheels slowly dries out then starts to clog the wheels causing the watch to not work properly.

5: Watch Batteries:
- On average a watch battery should last about 18 months.
- The 1st watch battery should last 3 years or more UNLESS the watch was in stock for a while before you bought it.
- Always have the battery fitted by an insured watch technician or watch maker."

And one I forgot:
- Leave a dead battery in a watch for as little time as possible because a dead battery can leak badly and the battery acid can damage the mechanism.

Hope that was useful.......

Also check out the layout I did on the right 'The Watch Lady' this is also about my job.


  1. Very interesting - but what is the furry little monster? Inquiring minds (mine) want to know. DragonsLady from Shimelle's class.

  2. VERY useful, I love it! The sort of stuff you don't even know you need to know, but actually you DO.

  3. I love your layout! So clean, but interesting and fun! And that picture of you is adorable!

  4. WoW! Good info there. Love that you scrapped it.