Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Blogging For Scrapbookers Prompt 7

Our First Dance

Let's just say I first dance was interesting. We danced to 'our song' Colourblind by the Counting Crows which some people say is depressing, but hubby and I think it's beautiful, so who cares right?
Wedding photography by Simon Barnes (jointly owned copywright).

Video from YouTube.

Dancing in public is something I've only ever done when I've been drunk. Unfortunately it does not come naturally to me and I always feel rather self-conscious when I dance, so the first dance was the only thing I was really nervous about before the day itself.
What really didn't help was even though I NEVER wear high heels I thought I should wear them to make me feel more elegant, which it did to be fair. However they were killing my feet by the time we got to the wedding breakfast. I wasn't stupid though I had bought a second, flat pair of wedding shoes to change into, which I did in time for the first dance.
The one thing that hadn't crossed my mind was the length of the skirt. Obviously the dress had been shortened to be the perfect length to wear with the heeled wedding shoes, but as I was wearing flats I had ALOT of excess skirt.
So not only was I barely tipsey and self-conscious with all our family and friends watching us, I was also having to hold the skirt to one side in order to dance without tripping over, meaning I could only put one arm around hubby. You can imagine how awkward that was, I was SO glad when it was over. Hopefully that's something I'll only have to do the once.
Here is the layout I made to go with the photo above, I plan to have this journaling on the reverse side.


  1. Gorgeous lo! The song does seem a bit sad but lovely at the same time!

  2. This is beautiful! Wonderful memories!!