Thursday, 19 November 2009

Past and Present - One Year

Sorry for distracting background but the only spot with decent light is on my bed by the window, and unfortunately I like bright and patterned duvet covers. I think I'm going to have to get a big piece of mountboard to lay on the bed because this just looks bad!

The biggest thing for me last year was planning my wedding. About this time I'd just found out there had been a bit of a mix up with my friend's holiday so he couldn't do my make-up for me so I was panicking about finding someone else. I was also trying to sort out the exact numbers of people coming and who wanted to stay at the venue the night of the wedding. Only to discover that horror of horrors only a few people could stay and the venue wanted me to pay over 2 grand for the accomodation which we in no way had left out of the budget.
But in the end another friend stepped up to do the make up, and we just had to have the venue close at midnight instead of keeping it open all night for people to stay there.

This year I'm defintely feeling the effect of the credit crunch. Financial worries are a big concern especially this month. I imagine a lot of you are struggling as well, personally, I can barely pay the bills, which means no money for scrapbooking anymore so i'm having to use up my stash. I would really love to buy myself some new Thickers as i'm completely addicted to them and using other things such as stamps just isn't the same.

On the positive side, having no money makes our family pull together and I know Hubby will help me. I'm more grateful for the simple things like family, good food and, the internet. I don't think I'd cope well without the first and last of these in particular, they keep me sane! This was today's gorgeous roast dinner made by my mother-in-law, it was a lot nicer than it looks in this photo.
What keeps you sane at the moment?


  1. I agree that things are tight with money here too. I have a son at uni and a daughter who is working part time, but it would be nice to have a bit more money around. However, I also agree that family and the internet help to keep me sane and this class from Shimelle is great!

  2. I agree Becky, i've been enjoying BFS class and i'm looking forward to my first year doing Journal Your Christmas too. Going to be using the stash i've already got for that.

  3. Great blog Helen and love your scrapping style. I myself am on a stash diet (boring - but so necessary) at the moment - I do have a large mountain of stash stuff already but it's not the same as buying lovely new things. That roast dinner looks lovely btw - great looking yorkshire pud mmmmhhhh

  4. I hope all goes well for your wedding. All the best. It's stressful planning it but it will all be worth it at the end! When money's tight, it's time to be creative and think how you can make the most out of your existing stash i.e. making your own embellishment, background paper etc. But always remember that scrapbooking is about recording memories, not having the latest stash! Having said that, still, always nice to have new stuff once in a while :)

  5. I'd go nuts without my internet. We've already agreed the cable goes before the internet does if it comes to a choice

  6. Hi, Helen! Thanks so much for your sweet email today... I am so flattered that you like my blog. You made my day!! :)

  7. You have a great attitude.
    What keeps me sane?
    -books and using the public library
    -watching Grey's Anatomy reruns lately.