Friday, 12 March 2010

Favourite Photo Friday

This photo was taken on my wedding day in the traditional stretch-your-arm-out-above-yourself way, as a scrapbooker and the main photographer of the house it was difficult for me to relinquish photographing duties to a professional. I do have some lovely photos from the day that were taken by him, but I did take some myself during the reception and this quite accidentally turned out great. Although I think Paul looks a bit 80s doesn't he?


  1. The photo is such fun. What I really love though, is what you've done with it! The layout is fabulous! The birdcage paper is great, the sparkly lettering is great, the little bits of ribbon, lace etc... the various little embellishments and the ribbon slider... but put them all together and they are just wonderful! It's a great layout. (and yes, Paul does look a bit '80's, but we can forgive him - especially as you were pulling a funny face!).

  2. i love the fact u found time at ur reception to take pics helen!!!! most brides are too wrapped up in the evening they dont even take their camera. i love ur faces, it gives u some fab memories of ur day when u could keep it real and i dont think paul looks too bad for a newly married man, :-)
    Jo xxx