Monday, 1 March 2010

Marvellous Mini-book Monday - My 26th Birthday

This mini-book was inspired by one of Shimelle Laine's and documents my 26th birthday nearly two years ago, I used up a lot of embellishments in this mini-book, I probably should have used less as it doesn't shut.


  1. Ah yes! My first couple of mini-books are so stuffed full that they are rather out of shape! Thank goodness for book rings - I have started to use these more and more - they make lots more space for "fat" embellishments!

    I love the colourful pages of this mini-album and the embellishments certainly make it extra special. It looks like a great birthday!

    By the way, I like your new "out from behind the curtain (oh ok Hambly)" photo. Are you getting braver, I wonder?

  2. Just come over here from the Blogging for Scrapbookers forum. I was a late starter too - have a look at my blog (handmade by
    As you might have guessed, I've just got up to Prompt 11 which tells me to leave comments and you asked for feedback on the forum so : I think it's fab. I love your header and I'm going to have a look at that link.I also did JYC 2009, but it's not on my blog as I started that in Jan. My This is Why is there.