Sunday, 2 January 2011


Hi everyone, happy new year!

I just wanted to let everyone know why I've been away so long. I last mentioned in my 'M.I.A' post in november that i've been suffering from joint pains in my hands, knees and feet, well they've been getting worse.

The doctor diagnosed me with Psoratic Arthritus (basically arthritus related to psoriasis) and put me on some painkillers, and I've been booked in to see a rheumatologist (sp?) on the 5th (Jan) for confirmation, and I guess, some plans of action. For a while, things were ok.

Well the last few weeks the pain has increased, and the painkillers aren't cutting it, I went back to the doctors, but i'm already on the strongest pain relief they can give me so I'm just going to have to wait a few more days. I'm certainly going to consider alternative remedies too once the diagnosis is confirmed, my mum mentioned drinking cider vinegar with honey and water, and another friend mentioned another herb I could try but I can't remember what it's called.

The pain seems worse in the morning, when i'm so stiff I can barely move, which makes getting ready for work hell. It starts to ease off a bit during the day, but gets worse again in the evening,  I daren't sit on the floor or in the bath because there is no way I would be able to get up again.

So needless to say I haven't felt like blogging at all and have taken a long break. Tonight I'm feeling a little better, and I thought i'd give you all an update. I should say that I'm not posting this for attention, or pity. I just thought that those of you who read my blog deserved an explanation for my absence and I hope that you will bear with me while I recover because I really want to get back to regular blogging again sometime in the future. Any advice about my situation would be much appreciated    : )


  1. So sorry to hear you are in pain. Hope the specialist can suggest a better treatment

  2. Poor you - my mum has this problem too, also osteoarthritis. Her psoriasis comes and goes, as do the aches and pains, though the osteoarthritis is now a permanent problem, along with polio-related issues (she had polio as a small child).
    Pain that you can't control is terrible. I remember the pain from when I injured my back and nothing would help. I really sympathise.
    As for getting help - a couple of ideas. Contact the Psoriasis Association, to see what they can tell you - they may have extra info. that a GP wouldn't know.
    Also, I see a wonderful homeopathic doctor (properly trained in Germany). She has helped me a great deal. Maybe she could help you. I see her again fairly soon and might be able to ask for an appointment (she's so busy it's hard to get one!). She lives about 6 miles north of Bedford, if you were going to visit her. I can give you more info if you need it.
    I hope you can find a treatment that helps you.
    I'll be thinking of you.
    Hang in there Helen! x