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Media Monday: Scott Pilgrim VS The World


Welcome to Media Monday, and I would like to introduce my special guest reviewer, my husband Paul!

Scott Pilgrim versus the World

Media Monday Guest Review By Paul Overton

Year: 2010
Directed by: Edgar Wright
Starring: Michael Cera,Mary Elizabeth Winstead,Rory Culkin

Where do I start with this one.

I suppose a bit of background may help Scott Pilgrim Vs the World is based on a series of graphic novels that came out circa 2008/2009. These were split into 6 volumes Scott Pilgrims precious little life covered one arc Scott Pilgrim Vs the World another and Scott Pilgrim Vs the Universe made up the final arc.

So popular was this graphic novel series with its fun loving game reference laden story that a movie was soon commissioned by Universal.And the movie itself is pretty bloody good in fact its utter awesome F**king awesome so awesome that it sprinkles awesome hundreds and Thousands on the pinnacle of its awesome cake!.

The Story is actually based on Scott Pilgrims precious little life the first arc of the Scott Pilgrim saga Scott Pilgrim (Michael Cera). Is a 22 year old bassist for a group named Sex babomb that lives with his gay room mate Wallace (Rory Culkin), and is going out with a high school student named Knives Chou. His life consists of band practice and going out with Knives that is until he clamps eyes on a girl named Ramona Flowers (Mary Elizabeth Winstead) she is sexy she is cool she is fun and interesting but she has a dark secret. You see Ramona is no good in love, in fact her exes have a murderous streak, as Scott is about to find out, much to his despair.

Que insane fight sequences, endearing love and every kick ass game reference you can pile into a film. From super moves to massive KO’s every time Scott kicks the ass out of one of Ramona’s evil exes. The film translates well from page to screen, direction is good and the script is handled and acted well by the awesome ensemble cast. One problem being Michael Cera he is always, well just Michael Cera playing Michael Cera. But as in the comic, Scott Pilgrim isn’t a swauve person, he's an ordinary joe thrust into a hilarious mad cap situation. I digress it is not so much a problem if we hadn’t of seen it in EVERY film he does… The other actors and actresses (Including Winstead) are really good. Winstead brings a edginess to Ramona Flowers that she needs and also that makes for a good character with layers. Rory Culkin provides comic relief as his dead pan gay friend and he pulls it off really well. The Exes are each represented by a appropriate (or as appropriate actor as they can be). Stand outs include Lucas Lee (Chris Evans, Fantastic Four) and Todd Ingram as a vegan superbeing Bassist in Scott's ex Girlfriend's band Clash at Demon head played by Superman actor (Brandon Routh).

The effects are also awesome Anime esque fights dripping with Street Fighter goodness and Girl on Girl brawls challenges, and a epic final showdown, all choreographed well and with no punches pulled… Cera as a fighter is really convincing, although, as in real life we can all fight like animals, but as a fantasy setting where he suddenly pulls kung fu from his ass and channels Bruce Lee are masterfully done.The other references are all there, even a nod to Monster Battles.Its all here and if you are a game fan you’ll love it,Hell if you love action, romance, far eastern culture and fighting/game references then this one is for you.

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