Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Shimelle's Hot Pink Hoopla

Shimelle's next challenge is to make a layout inspired by this one. I took inspiration from the colour, I used a 7"x7" square and I took inspiration from the sketch, but flipped it.

This layout's about my mother-in-law, the photo was taken new year's eve 2009.


  1. Most funky Mrs O Jnr! Love the various papers you have layered onto that hot pink background... They really give that photo a lift.
    And I think the flowers you've added to the top section are really rather fab.
    Good layout - really nice!
    I love the new blog design by the way...

  2. I've just looked through all the other fabby pages you've made - how busy you have been!!
    I like them all; the one with the wedding music is so sweet, the Chop-up-your-paper one is great - love the little windmill/pinwheel, the one with the sticky-out-tongues made me laugh, the passport photos were not as bad as you think (and I said "oh, I was going to scrap my horrible passport photos too....")... Oh, well, they're all really good. If you don't win a prize from one of the challenges, justice will be dead!

    By the way, Welcome Back to Blogland! I hope you are feeling a lot better now and have got the psoritic arthritis under control? So nice to "see" you again!

  3. This turned out great. All these flowered papers really work together and add so much beauty to the page.

  4. This is SO all the PPs!
    Alison xx

  5. Those flowers are so sweet! I love how they move the eye right down to the photo. Well done!