Friday, 23 September 2011

Gorilla Invasion Now Over

All summer, Bristol has had some very special guests in the form of 61 amazing gorilla sculptures sponsored by local businesses and schools, then decorated by regional artists. This public art display has been arranged in celebration of Bristol Zoo Gardens 175th birthday. Many of us Bristolians have therefore spent the entire summer trying to find and photograph all 61, I am proud to say I have photographed two! Yes, how amazing, I hear you cry! OK so I didn't really try that hard, I photographed the ones I came across, but that's it. To check out all of the gorilla photos taken by the public, have a look here on Flickr.

Apparently the gorillas have just had some maintenance and tomorrow they'll be appearing at the Zoo for the public to view until 28th September at the Goodbye Gorillas event, 20 of the gorillas have also visited London up until yesterday, 22nd September.
On 29 September Bristol Zoo Gardens will auction the gorillas to raise money for gorilla conservation work and for the local Bristol charity Wallace and Gromit's Grand Appeal.

I really want to go and see them all, but I don't think I'll have time, because my day off work is after the 28th, ho hum.
For more info go here.

What's been going on in your hometown this summer?

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  1. "Gorilla Invasion Now Over" - wow, what a title! It certainly made me click the link, Helen!!

    Great gorillas... it would be good to see them all for real, eh?

    We had Lions in Northampton last year. And Cows in Milton Keynes (of course!). Don't think we've had any in my local town though. Still the Lions and Cows were fun.