Monday, 30 November 2009

17 Again Blog Train

Welcome to 1999!

My hair colour, although it's blonde in this photo.

My hair style Sid Viscious, short and spikey.

My favourite brand of makeup is....Rimmel.

My "fashionable" item is......I don't really do "fashionable" I'm more of a rock chick, I wear hoodies and baggy trousers with skater trainers.

My favourite outfit brown NOFX band hoodie, which has the Snickers logo but instead of "Snickers" it says "Punkers." I'm rarely seen without it.

My favourite colour is.....purple.

On a Saturday I work at Woolworths or out with my parents.

On a Saturday night I Finn McCools pub, followed by Verdi's or The Kiva (nightclubs) in Weymouth.

On a Sunday I go.....nowhere if I can help it, i'm usually hungover.

Monday-Friday I Weymouth college, I'm studying AS Graphics and photography, AL English Literature and Art & Design.

My best friend(s) is/are.....a gang of people from college and people in local alternative bands.

My favourite place to go out is......Glastonbury town.

My favourite subject at college

When I grow up I want to idea, might go to university though.

My favourite drink is.....Bacardi & Coke.

My favourite food is.....a baked jacket potato with chunky egg mayonaise from a shop on the high street.

My favourite shop is......any alternative clothes shop.

I want to one.

My favourite actor/actress is....Seth Green/Alyson Hannigan.

My favourite band is....Green Day.

My favourite TV programme is....Buffy The Vampire Slayer.

My most used mode of transport is a....bus.

My favourite sport is......I hate sport.

This fall I starting my second year at college.

At Halloween I dressed up as .....I didn't, but for New Year we always dress up, and I dressed up as a fairy with a purple tu-tu and wings.

The most dangerous thing I've ever abseiled a 100ft cliff in Sheepstor.

The furthest away from home I've ever been is......Greece.

Now we take a trip, back in time to visit Jools in 1984.


  1. Great picture! I can't believe how many of us don't like sport! Doesn't seem to matter how ancient or not we are. Yup, abseiling does seem pretty dangerous to me. Fascinating facts.

  2. that's an awesome photo \m/ rock on! XD

  3. Great picture! Did you go to uni and did you marry anyone? I want to know what's happening in the "not" time too. Off to jump on the train again.

  4. lol - fab pic! Really interesting, thanks for sharing x

  5. Love the photo! Great to see what you were up to when you were 17 :)

  6. My last stop on the blog train. Great photo! I struggled to find one!

    Thanks for sharing.

  7. Loved the photo!
    Strange coincidence that the majority of scrappers aren't lovers of sport!

  8. I love the photo! Are you still as wild as your age 17 picture implies!

    Would love to know what your answers now would be.

  9. Great post! Too bad you didn't post a pic of the fairy & purple tu-tu - would've loved to have seen it! lol :)

  10. "The most dangerous thing I've ever abseiled a 100ft cliff in Sheepstor." ohmygosh I think you win the award for most dangerous!!!!

  11. Love your answers, I can just picture you at 17!!