Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Still behind - Why I Want To Blog Layout

'1 Voice, 1 Blog, 1 Memory Saved.'
(Journaling Reads: "I have THE WORST MEMORY, I can't remember what I did last week let alone last year, I forget names, dates and places. I forget silly things and important things and it drives me CRAZY. This is why I want to blog.")

Yes I know I actually have two blogs, but normally I won't be using my scrapbooking blog for journaling about my memories, I would just use my personal blog.
Bit of unusal colour combination for me this one: pink, brown, orange and white, it was inspired by the ribbon. I also managed to use two items i've had for ages and not found a use for, the blank calendar paper and the journaling block, the calender paper just jumped out at me because memories are all about dates and the calendar's blank because it needs to be filled in. I guess that's kind of obvious right? The journaling block is from a sheet of like 6 which I have in blue too and were bought because they were so cheap I couldn't resist. I then added the Bam Pop character which I cut out from the paper because it looks like it's shouting. I finished with my title in three different styles of letters, overall I think I've kept it quite simple and to the point.
I will try to do prompt 2 and 3 today so I'm all caught up, so expect multiple blogs over the next couple of days.


  1. I am awful with names and dates, drives me mad too! Lovely LO and best of luck with class *waves*

  2. I love the layout and totally agree with the journaling. That is exactly why I blog and why I'm taking this class! Good luck to you!