Sunday, 18 April 2010

Celebrate Life "mini-book"

Long time no blog, I know, bad me! I've got no excuse, just taking a break, I was finding five layouts, in five blog post, a week a bit taxing. I realised I was scrapbooking more to coincide with my blog schedule than actually making anything that I was actually enjoying. I felt like all my pages were starting to look the same and I think that because I'd found my style I wasn't experimenting as much as I could have done. I think after three years of doing this hobby it was inevitable that I would get to this stage so now I am going to scrapbook for me, and have fun and play. I will still be posting periodically but I've decided not to pressure myself about it anymore. I hope you can understand.

On to other things, well I finally finished my Celebrate Life album which is from Shimelle's Something From Almost Nothing Post so here are the last six pages:

Don't forget everyone, the Scrap-Weekly challenge will be going up today.

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  1. Well, it's nice to have you back again. I can appreciate how you felt, finding yourself "scrapping to order" all the time. It's one thing to scrap for a deadline, but another altogether, for this to become the norm (even if it was your ft job, you would still need time to scrap just for yourself).

    Love your Celebrate Life pages. I just linked my blog post to your blog, because of the fab way you have with patterned paper backgrounds - so I'm lucky that you chose today to post these great (patterned) pages!

    Your blog always makes me smile, so don't go away for too long (please?).