Monday, 28 June 2010


So i've just come back from the lovely Ilfracombe in Devon and as I promised I would post once I'd weighed myself. Well, I actually took the scales to Devon with me (yes I'm a nutter, I know) so I could weigh myself on the same scales, now I weighed myself the saturday before and I was 21st 3lbs. Baring in mind this is the first week of the diet, well I weighed myself this saturday and the scales said 20st! I made sure it was set bang on zero both times but I can't believe i've lost 17lbs in one week, that can't be right.
So I went up to Tescos back home in Bristol this afternoon with my mother-in-law and I weighed myself on their scales and today I weighed 19st 4lbs on the Tesco scales. Then we went home and weighed myself on our scales and it says 19st 5lbs, mother-in-law also checked her weight on both Tescos and our scales today and there was 6lbs difference between the two (Tescos said she was lighter than what ours said)!
If you followed all of that you can probably understand why i'm so confused. What do you think?

PS: I'll post some photos of Devon within the next couple of days too.


  1. take a middle estimate lol

  2. i never wiegh myself. I much prefer to judge by how wel, or otherwise, certain items of clothig fit

  3. I would honestly say leave it until next week. The surface in Devon may have been different to that in your house and as much as it sounds mental, it can make the scales go loopy! If not, Well done on losing 2 stone in a week! Whats your secret?! ;)