Saturday, 19 June 2010

It's Time For A Change.

I am absolutely disgusted with myself, after just over a year of being married i'm the biggest i've ever been, I have let myself go and it has to stop now, before it's too late. I am a few months off of  my 28th birthday, 5ft 6in and I'm wearing a UK 22 on top, and a UK 24 on the bottom and i'd really rather be a UK 14/16, although at the moment i'd settle for 18. I think part of my problem is that unless I actually look in the mirror I don't realise how big I actually am, in my head I feel like a size 12 so I guess that isn't going to help.

Well today is a fresh start, the start of a new healthier me, I have to loose weight now before it effects my health any further, it's already giving me a bad knee, plus I can barely walk any distance without getting out of breathe and I also have Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) and the heavier you are to more this effects you, in my case, no periods. As Paul and I want a baby I have to get my weight down, because PCOS effects your fertility. Sorry for over-share.

I have been inspired by Cathy Zielske who has been blogging her weight loss as well as her scrapbooking, I thought that if I blog my progress it might make me feel like I have someone to answer to, which might help motivate me. Before, I would eat well for a few weeks and then just give up, I don't do fad diets so I can't even blame that, I just lost motivation. I also thought that if I scrapbook it too then that would be a good motivator. I'm not doing any particular diet, I'm just going to eat sensibly, three meals a day, without snacking in between, and do some exercise, starting with walking. If anyone has any more suggestions I would welcome them.

So here are my vital statistics and brace yourself for some horrible photos, I am aware that I look quite different from my profile photo, I do look different with my hair up and no make-up:

Day One:
Weight: 21st 3lbs (hoping scales are wrong).

Not sure what my target is, i'm 5'6" and I want to be about a UK size 14, so i'm not sure what weight I would need to be, I want to lose at least 7/8 stone minimum but I'm not sure how long I should expect it to take, I guess a couple of years?
I will be weighing myself weekly, and taking photos every four weeks so I will try and blog at least every saturday (apart from next saturday, will have to be tuesday but I will weigh myself) with my weight, i'm only going to do monthly photos because otherwise I won't be able to see any difference.
 I really hope you can join me for my journey : ) 



  1. good luck! :) I can relate to wanting to lose weight but not having the motivation to stick to it

  2. i feel the same way helen. i am about to start my new job and look and feel like a heffer!!!! i have gained weight so much since i've been unemployed so working should help abit i hope. but i also eat too much and dont exercise. my sister has given me some dvds to follow and in the past i have lost weight with weight watchers and slimming world. i will certainly follow your blogging and maybe join u as a fellow weight loser. first goal of yours should be to lose 10% of your current weight and then the next 10%. look forward to joining in
    Jo xxxx

  3. Wow Helen! Congratulations for taking the first step & big well done for being so open about it! I wish you well xx

  4. Good luck. I feel the same, alhough I'm older than you. Just a few months off my 40th birthday and with 2 children, I really want to get back down to a size 14.(I'm 16/18 now). I'm trying to avoid wheat products - not because I'm overly intolerant, just because all those cakes, biscuits, muffins, etc are made with wheat!. Let's see how we both go. I'm not brave enough to post pictures of my flabby body though - well done for having the courage to make this public

  5. You know what?! Cathy has totally inspired me too. I'm going for my first run tonight OMG!!!!!!! Good luck!!! You really have to be in the right frame of mind to lose weight, and I previously haven't been, but now, it feels right (just after the wedding darn it!)

  6. I think you are brave to post your photos online. It's hard to feel you're overweight and not like how you look/feel.
    Even a little weight-loss helps though, so keep trying and trying (even if you "fall off the waggon" from time to time)
    I may just join you. I'm not too big (yet) but have certainly put on a couple of stone since I had my back injury. Don't feel comfortable and want to be fitter.
    Once you've got a bit of a start, I'd suggest a visit to the doctor's surgery, to get checked over by the practice nurse (or your gp). They will weigh you on properly calibrated scales and give you some idea of what you should weigh to be a "healthy weight". As long as you don't panic and crash-diet, you'll get there - I think you're probably correct to say it may take a year or two.
    How about Karen ( - she has lost quite a bit of weight over the last year or two and is looking great - quite inspiring to look at her "diet in progress" on her blog, with some "then and now" type photos.

    I wish you luck, hope you manage to avoid naughty foods most of the time and start feeling much healthier.
    BTW, I have a friend with PCOS and she found that cutting down on wheat-based and dairy foods helped improve her symptoms and reduced her weight.