Sunday, 4 July 2010

Thank you

Thank you Kathy Kirstie, Liberty, Cheryl and Lizzie, for your supportive messages. I don't think I lost 10lbs though because when it said 20st, that was on carpet too, and my trousers definitely don't feel 10lbs looser :)
I've decided to take it as if I started last monday at 19st lbs because I definitely know that weight is correct, I think I may have lost 3 or 4lbs last week but I'll never really know, I hope to loose a couple of pounds this week but i've been a bit lax with the walking. The stairs at work are getting some use instead though, must do more walking this coming week. Also I think I need to vary my diet so I don't get stuck in a rut, I've been watching Cook Yourself Thin on Channel 4 (4od to watch online) which has given me some great ideas, definitely check it out:
Luv Helen :)


  1. ooh well done helen, u are an inspiration. i loved that programme when i was unemployed as it gave g8 tips. i am now at work and trying to get myself eating abit more healthily now i can afford fruit again
    Jo xxxx

    ps, i am working in knowle, anywhere near u?

  2. well done! thanks for the tip about the cooking! ive been sooo good this week and even went cycling tonight! I was so unfit, my husband ran the 2miles faster than I could cycle them!!!

  3. Yay! Glad you felt encouraged by our input. XX