Monday, 5 July 2010

Week 1 Weigh In

In the last couple of posts I said I was going to take my starting weight as 19st4lbs, which I weighed last monday, because of the confusion over the scales. So that makes today weigh in day! Well this week I've been a little naughty because on saturday I had a take-away chicken chow mein, and I ate the whole pot myself, but other than that I've been really good with my food. I've been lazy about the walking, but the stairs are my new treadmill at work and other the week I have noticed it getting easier as far as having to stop and such like which is great. I was going to note everything I ate each week, but to be honest, life is too short! Maybe if I start at a Slimming World class or something then i'll have to but I can't be bothered until then.

I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised by how helpful the Doctor was when I went to see her on Friday, she prescribed me some slimming aid tablets which are supposed to help to burn any fat you eat and this is the third day I've been taking them now. I have to say that they do make me a little erm, gassy, but any help has got to be good I guess. I think she was so helpful because I am classed as (at least) clinically obese, probably morbidly obese, and also because weight gain affects the symptoms of PCOS, so I'm trying them for a month, apparently if you eat to much fat when taking them then things would get rather unpleasant in the stomach region, nice! Good thing I won't be. So if you are very overweight like me, and serious about loosing weight then definitely speak to your Doctor.

So, without further ado, this week I lost:


My weight was 19st 4lbs, and now is 18st 12lbs.
My BMI was 43.9, and now is 43.6.

I have to say that I actually squeeled and jumped up and down when I saw how much I lost, it really helps keep you motivated when you see results, it'd be nice to loose the same next week, lets see what I can do, I definitely want to go swimming on my day off.

PS Shimelle's new class starts today, although i'm sure that as most of you already knew that and, like me are probably taking part too. Off to read the prompt now, yay!


  1. Okay... that was a pretty fab start - 6lbs in your first week. Well done you!!
    The "Cook yourself thin" programme sounds good - I will go and look (says the woman who just at a Snickers bar... oink!).
    My friend calls for me 3 mornings a week, after she's finished her brisk walk round the village. I'm not very fit yet, so she keeps me company on my own walk, at a more sedate pace - but it gets me out of breath! I'm able to walk further now than when we started a couple of months ago, so it's obviously helping.
    I'd like to go swimming, but it takes up an entire morning to go to the pool, change, swim, dry, change, go home... I just don't have time just now, so walking and yoga must do.
    Good luck with next week, keep up the good work - and the good walks!

  2. What a brilliant start. I started Weight Watchers 5 weeks ago. I'm finding it so easy to follow and have lost 13.5lbs so far. I'm very strict about writing things down and I love going to the meetings.