Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Weigh In Wednesday - Week 3

So it's week 3 already, and I thought i'd add some photos this week. This week I have to admit i've been quite naughty, I went out for dinner with hubbies cousins and we had an Italian, so lots of lovely pasta and garlic bread as well as a couple of white wine spritzers, and we then went to the cinema to watch Eclipse which was awesome. While I was good in the cinema and didn't have anything other than a diet coke, the naughtiness didn't stop there, I also had several Jammie Dodgers and some Flapjack Pie (very chocolatey). 
This week I wasn't really expecting to loose any weight, but I really wanted to loose 1lb. Amazingly I did loose a 1lb so I'm very happy, although the scales now say that i'm 5'5" and I was definitely 5'6" before.

The one thing I've really noticed this week is the variety of clothes sizes I'm wearing. Yesterday for example I had work trousers were a UK24, my top UK20 and my underwear a UK16! What's also weird is that I have two pairs of shorts from one shop, the denim ones are a UK24 and are huge on me, but I've got some black shorts which are just right and are a UK26! Bizarre.

I'll leave you with the photos from the 1st week and this week for comparison:
Week 1                         Week 3

Sorry, I know the photos aren't great, looking the same way, or even the same scale, but it wasn't me taking the photos as you probably gathered and it was hard enough trying to get him to hang around long enough to take shots that weren't blurry! Men, eh.


  1. well done on losing another pound, big cheers and snoopy dance. i have been to see my gp this week who wants me to a glucose test etc and i think the big diet is on the way. will keep watching ur fab progress helen
    Jo xxxx

  2. Well, that was good news, losing 1lb, even though you were a bit naughty! Well done...keep up the good work.
    There definitely is a difference between the sideways shots from Wk1 & Wk3. You have a little more "shape" in the second photo. It's good to keep a photo record for yourself. Just think, in 3 more weeks, there will be a Huge difference and you'll feel so pleased!
    Keep it up, don't get despondent... you're doing okay!