Thursday, 7 April 2011

Fabulous Thursday: Prairie Chic

My first in a new series of outfit posts, I've been loving all the outfit posts on the style blogs I follow so I've finally plucked up the courage to do one myself. I want my blog to about more than just scrapbooking, and I'm slowly working towards a more well-rounded blog which reflects my own interests and passions. BTW, I am rubbish at photo-editing so apologies in advance and excuse the lack of make-up, but my skin is really sensitive and playing up a lot. : )

You can probably also see my bandaged toe too. I had toe nail surgery about 4 weeks ago and my toe's still healing, hence the really stylish, ahem, Clarks sandals. Which is one problem with being such a curvy girl, my feet have always been wide anyway, so you're unlikely to see me in any nice shoes really.

I absolutely love this top, it's so different to what I used to like, it's funny how your tastes change over time, this is a lot more girlie than I used to be. A lot softer, I used to wear a lot of bright colours, but I think this suits me better. What do you think?

Cardigan, jeans, top: Simply Be.
Waistcoat: Tesco.
Sandals: Clarks.
Scarf: Market stall.
Necklace: Primark.
Earrings: BHS.


  1. I think it is rather fab, Helen! I love the layered effect - floral, drapey fabric, with lace on top. It's flattering and pretty.
    Love the scarf (covet the scarf...), also like that waistcoat (I had a couple of sooopy-doopy waistcoats.. .what happened to them, I wonder?!).

    Sandals... Have you ever seen the catalogue from "Hotter"? They do wide fittings and some of their shoes are fabulous. Of course, I can't wear them, since I have very narrow feet... grrrr...

  2. I've just discovered the prairie chic-type style (which I found while looking for more stuff like Magnolia Pearl), and was wondering how it would look on my larger shape--and ta-da! I find your pictures. Absolutely great look you've put together.

    And I get the changing tastes, as I was never a frilly girl but I'm starting to like it more as I get older.