Friday, 8 April 2011

Friday Weigh-In


This week I lost........

2 1/2 lbs!

Which meant that I got my half stone award, I was also slimmer of the week so got to take a bag of fruit home with me.
However, I have a small confession. I am slightly annoyed with myself because I forgot to take my heavy wooden necklace off before I weighed and I'd really been hoping for 3 pounds. Which I know is very greedy and it's silly to be annoyed with myself over it, but when I came home I actually weighed it and it weighed 1/2 pound, doh! Oh well, at least if I don't wear it next week i'll have (hopefully)  an even better week than normal.
Here's the outfit I wore:

Boyfriend shirt and turn-up shorts: Simply Be.
Cardigan: Sainsbury's.
Necklace (my favourite): Primark.
Feather Earrings: Made by me.

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