Friday, 29 April 2011

The Royal Wedding

Hi everyone, thank you for all your comments on wednesday's post, I've not been very well (stinking cold) so I'm running a little bit behind with responding. Stay tuned for the mysterious photos in the last blog post to be explained later on today!

Watching the Royal wedding, makes me think of my own wedding, Paul and I got married Valentines Day 2009, it was a beautiful day, one we will always remember. So perhaps you'll forgive me for sharing a few of my layouts from my wedding album. Any of you who have been following my blog for a while will probably have seen these layouts before, but I don't see any harm in re-posting them today, as it's a special occasion, and there are so many new readers who probably haven't seen them.

(This layout was made using the paper I used to make the wedding stationary)

As I sit here and write this millions of people from all over the world are gathered in London to witness what is, whether you like it or not, a historical event. Me personally, I'm sat in the comfort of my living room with my family watching the ceremony and the parade. Until yesterday, I wasn't really that bothered about the whole Royal wedding, but having followed a bit of the coverage it sparked my interest.

(This 1st layout shows the transformation of my hair)
I know a lot of people don't think we need a Royal family any more. As a Brit myself, I have to disagree. Us Brits are notoriously a bit different, a bit quirky, and I think that having a Royal family is a small part of what makes us the way we are, it makes us a bit different from everywhere else I guess. We (normally) can't compete for the weather, there are better beaches in other countries, unless you like them a bit more rustic of course, but it's our history and quirkiness that attracts visitors the most, and the Royal family are living history.

(This layout shows me getting my make-up done)

Until now I think I've sat on the fence about this subject, but this fairytale wedding has made me feel proud to be British, I'm enjoying the ceremony so far, even if it's a little religious for my tastes, but they can't have a Royal wedding without it.

(Trying to get into my corset dress with help from my mum)
The only thing that makes me laugh about this wedding is how the press are refering to Kate Middleton as a "commoner." I'm sorry, but have they heard the girl talk? There is no way she is common! However, she comes across as a really nice girl, and she must be brave as hell to go through all this, so I say good luck to her.

(Here's a layout about my amazing dress) 

For those of you who are married like myself, think about how nervous you were on the morning of your wedding day, I simply can't imagine how nervous Kate must have been this morning. Before I got married, I didn't think I'd be nervous at all, but come the morning of the wedding I was a nervous wreck. Not because I thought Paul wouldn't turn up, after all, he was my fiance and my best friend. It was the thought of having to walk into that massive room of people. The fact that they're family and friends was irrelevant. So times that by a couple of million and I guess that's how Kate is feeling.

(This is one of my favourite photos of  myself from the day)

Most little girl's dream of marrying a Prince, and Kate is doing just that. Her dress is stunning, I think she looks amazing, so demure and actually very regal, and Will, although he's not actually my cup of tea, looks very handsome in his uniform. What an amazing ceremony, definitely worth watching. Thankfully it's not raining.

(This one is one of my favourites of Paul and I)

I'll leave you with a couple of questions:

What are you thoughts about the Royal family?

What did you think about the Royal wedding?


  1. I agree with you, that Britain needs the Royal Family. As with all families, not all the family members do them credit, but I feel nothing but admiration for Her Majesty and I'm happy to support Charles, William and Harry - they are good men!
    I wish Prince Willam and Kate a long, happy life together (and like you, I have wondered how she must have been feeling this morning... wonder if she managed any breakfast at all).
    I watched the ceremony - or at least I saw part of it, as I had an important meeting this morning and it went on a while... It was lovely to witness this historic event. I enjoyed watching the procession back to the Palace, before I went to eat my lunch. And her dress was just perfect - lovely, fashionable, demure and modest, yet so beautifully designed and of such wonderful materials. It was definitely the nicest Royal Wedding Dress I have seen (in my lifetime anyway). Not a hint of the meringue or cream-puff about it either!
    I also loved her veil. There were rumours that she'd abandon a tiara and veil, in favour of flowers in her hair, but I'm glad she followed tradition - it looked wonderful.
    I think it is good to have some tradition and a bit of "Pomp & Circumstance" now and again - it gives us something to feel proud about (and goodness knows, we Brits need something to be proud of these days, with the country in such a state!!).
    Good luck to them both; I hope Kate doesn't find it all too much to handle, though somehow, I think she will cope very well!

  2. i have loved today and a few of u lucky married ladies have blogged ur wedding look divine by the way xxxx. i have thoroughly enjoyed today so far and especially the service and dress. i love a gr8 wedding. i think the royal family serves a special purpose in this country and as a citizen i love the fact we have like other countries retained those parts of our life. i see the new royal couple as a modern and integral part of this structure.
    maybe u should do a wedding dress blog hop,
    by the way love the header,
    Jo xxxxx

  3. Absolutely. I thought the wedding was perfect. Kate looked stunning, but that was always a given. What I was more impressed by was her composure. The only time she seemed even slightly fazed by the crowds was when she came out onto the balcony and gasped 'Oh Wow'. It genuinely felt like a private wedding which I felt privileged to share, rather than a showcase ceremony, like Diana's. I too wish them all the best

  4. Like you Helen - I was proud of our Royals today - I think we need our Royal Family - they give us stability in our country when things feel a bit "wobbly" as it does at present. I have nothing but respect for our Queen as I think she does a very difficult job well. And I think its right to have a Head of State who can be completely impartial. I know the Royals don't always get it right - but I think they did today - Kate was beautiful, her Prince handsome in his Military finery - and though it was slightly too religious a ceremony for me too - it was a beautiful one too. I wish the two of them much happiness.
    Your wedding album captures your day perfectly - and I really love the LO of you both at the end. J x

  5. I agree with all of the above! I too have blogged my thoughts, and 'borrowed' some photos of them from the BBC:) I love your wedding LOs too!