Tuesday, 24 August 2010

This Week's Layouts....

All three of this weeks layouts are made using Crafty Templates Quirky kit 'What's The Story?' I love Crafty Templates kits, they're a little bit different.
Have you ever made a layout you don't actually have a photo for? Well I've taken the photo now of my embroidery floss, so once I print the photo i'll add it on.
I love this M&S hat, i've never loved a hat on me before this one. The photo was taken in Ilfracombe (Devon) during a long, hot weekend in June where I got badly burnt on my legs. Apparently my skin wont absorb suncream, then all the sand sticks to it, and I can't put any more on because trying to rub it in to my sensitive skin kills. I tried to cover up but apparently I was too late, I've still got a patch on my hip that hasn't faded which is a bit worrying. So no more beach holidays for me then! My skin is so sensitive that if my hubby doesn't have a full beard I can't kiss him because it hurts, if I did i'd end up with a very red, sore chin. Nightmare!
Here's another one from my honeymoon album from 2009, I've done loads from photos in Central Park, 3 general ones, one about the children's zoo and one about the main zoo. Central Park was definitely my favourite thing about New York (other than the scrapbooking shop I found obviously).

I think my favourite of the three is the first one, even if it hasn't got a photo. What do you think?


  1. The first one reminds me of Christmas for some reason. All that red and white.

  2. gorgeous layouts! I have never gone down the kit route but finding it increasingly difficult to put any of my stuff together. gonna check out your link! :)

  3. hey helen, been chekcing back here lots but not seen you, hope you are ok xx