Saturday, 26 March 2011

If at first you don't succeed.....

Hi everyone, I know a lot of you will remember reading a few posts about how I was going to diet and loose some weight, well you may have gathered by the lack of posts thereafter that it didn't go very well. I guess I just gave up, and stopped caring about it anymore. Well this has taught me I just can't do this on my own, and it's so important for mine and my husband's future together, let alone my own health. So I decided it was time to join Slimming World and I did just that on Thursday, I even walked down there. This is my second day on it and so far so good *fingers crossed* I've managed another walk today too. I'm hoping the fact that i'm having to pay to do it will motivate me, even changing my diet for the last two days has made me feel more energetic. So here's the embarrasing part, the photo's and the vital statistics:

Please excuse my work outfit and lack of make-up, obviously I took this at work : )

Weight: 19st7.5lbs
Chest: 46
Waist: 50
Hips: 52

My final target is 10st, so obviously i've got a lot to loose. I've been eating plenty of fruit and veg and I'm trying to incorporate a little more exercise into my life, even if it's only an extra five minutes a day to start with, I'm keeping track of everything i'm eating and trying to not over-eat. I even cooked roasted vegetables with couscous for myself tonight, I NEVER cook.

Does anyone have any tips on staying motivated?


  1. Hello, Helen! Sorry, I read this just after you posted it, on DH's ipod... so I didn't comment... but then I saw it on my blog list, as read, and assumed I did comment... .this is becoming a habit, hmmm...

    So anyways... I think you're brave to join a group - but also very sensible. It does help to have others' support and if you stick at it, you may make a few nice friends there too. The "we're all in this together" idea is very comforting. I wish you lots of success (around 9 1/2 stones of it actually... but only a bit at a time - can't have you fading away!)

    Love the photo, even withouth make-up, though you do look very serious... "Purposeful" must be the word!

    As for motivation... you can try the photo on the fridge trick - you know, post a photo that inspires you (something you'd like to wear again but can't just yet, something you will treat yourself to when you reach your first goal, where you're going on holiday this summer...); you can blog often so we can leave you encouraging comments - like "Whoop! Go Helen!" and stuff...., You can Scrap About IT and put the pages on the wall... You can have a "naughty treats box" that you are only allowed to open when you reach a certain small target (not too naughty, or you'll fall off the wagon!).
    To avoid being de-motivated too often, I would suggest setting realistic and achievable targets - do this in small steps, rather than saying "Right! I have to reach 10 stone!" and focussing only on that. It feels good to achieve a goal - so have enough of them that you get that little lift of spirits fairly often, with a good-sized lift when you reach a slightly bigger milestone at certain points?

    Good Luck - I'm rooting for your Team!

  2. Oh and the last thing... plan your menus so you don't feel hungry! Fill your tummy with the nice veggies you are allowed to eat, so you don't feel deprived and starving all the time. Nothing makes you feel worse when you're dieting, than to feel starving, then scoff half a pack of choccie biccies (suggest you don't buy anything too tempting actually!), then feel really guilty and fed up about being "greedy".
    Yay for yummy veggies! Yay for full tummy!