Sunday, 9 October 2011

Secret World 1 - 25

In July we went to an open day at Secret World Wildlife Rescue centre in Somerset with my parents, Paul's mum and our nieces, it was a really nice day out, definitely a good family day trip because the under 10s would just love it. Our nieces were in their very early teens, so maybe not quite so much, but they still showed an interest. It was just nice to have a relaxed day out just wandering around, sharing some lunch and meeting some of the animals.

01. This cute, but massive cat was just lounging around on all the picnic benches.
02. This tortoise was huge, it lived in a gated area open to the public.....
03. .....and it kept trying to escape out of the gate, one of the keepers had to keep hauling it around.  
04. This lady gave a talk about the foxes, sadly they were rather shy....
05. .....until it was dinner time, boy did they stink though!
06. This hare was about the size of our dog!
07. I think these were tortoises too, just a different variety, correct me if I'm wrong.
08. This goose was soooo loud, you could hear it right across the wildlife centre.
09. The ponies were really sweet, they loved all the attention.
10. The ponies were also giving rides to the kids, and my two nieces had a go.
11. Two of the keepers gave a talk about caring for hedgehogs in your garden.
12. I loved the albino one, I wanted to cuddle it, but obviously they're way too spiky for that.
13. It was hard to get a close up of the brown one as there was such a crowd, it was pretty cute as well.
14. Ferrets.
15. Umm, baby seagulls. You want them to be cute, but they're a bit too big for cute I think.
16. Barn owl.
17. Can't-remember-the-species owl, Paul loves owls.
18. We took a big picnic to share between the 7 of us.
19. Paul and I.
20. This dog was so bolshy at begging for food that he would go under the table and pretty much put his head in your lap!
21. More little tortoise type things.
22. Bees. I was very happy they were the other side of glass because normally I am terrified of them!
23. These goats were awesome, the white one looked really cool with it's big horns, but wasn't very friendly.
24. This brown one was a bit too friendly, especially if you had food for it. What made me laugh with this one was we were feeding it big long grass, just like it had on the other side of the fence, yet it was only interested in the grass we were giving it! I think it would have carried on eating all day. I guess the grass is really greener on the other side of the fence. ; )
25. This cockatoo was very noisy, such an attention seeker.

PS: Just in case you were wondering, there aren't any photos of my parents because they don't like their photos being put on the internet and I have to respect their wishes.
Have you been on any fun day trips recently (or not so recently)?


  1. It sounds like you had a fun trip. I love animals and wildlife centers. The first tortoise looks like a desert tortoise that we have in the high desert of California. They're soooo slow crossing the road but I think they look like cute old men. Thanks for sharing your photos.